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Want a good read? What's your poison? Check out the following list for some of the best books that mystery has to offer!

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Please note that not all authors listed on this site are African-American. However. all listed authors have an African-American character


Lizzie Stuart(Crime Historian)

Death's Favorite Child

A Dead Man's Honor

By Frankie Y. Bailey


Ruby Gordon(Maid)

Maid In the Shade

By Jacqueline Turner Banks


Alex Powell(Newspaper Columnist)

Plain Brown Wrapper

By Karen Grigsby Bates


Angela McKenzie(Newspaper Reporter)

Special Interest

By Chris Benson


Nanette Hayes(Street Saxophonist)

Rhode Island Red

Coq Au Vin


By Charlotte Carter


Rae Dupree(Doctor)

The Silent Cradle

By Margaret Cuthbert


Nikki Hill(Lawyer)

The Trials of Nikki Hill

L.A. Justice

By Christopher Darden/Dick Lochte


Candi Covington(Social Worker)

Mama Stands Accused

Mama Traps a Killer

Mama Stalks the Past

Mama Solves a Murder

Mama Saves a Victim

Mama Rocks the Empty Cradle

Mama Pursues Murderous Shadows

Mama Cracks a Mask of Innocence

By Nora DeLoach


Mali Anderson(Social Worker)

A Toast Before Dying

If I Should Die

No Time To Die

Do Or Die

By Grace F. Edwards


Kate del Graten(Assistant District Attorney)

Damning Evidence

By R. Barri Flowers


Georgia Barnett(TV Reporter)

Details at Ten

Hit Time

By Ardella Garland


Theresa Galloway(Personnel Officer)

Somebody Else's Child

Blood Will Tell

By Terris McMahan Grimes


CJ Floyd(Bail Bondsman)

The Devil's Red Nickel

The Devil's Hatband

The Devil's Backbone

By Robert O. Greer


Benjamin January(Musician/Doctor)

A Free Man of Color

Fever Season

Graveyard Dust

Sold Down the River

Die Upon a Kiss

Wet Grave

Days of the Dead

By Barbara Hambly


Joe and Dottie Loudermilk(Retired Couple)

Going Nowhere Fast

Bad News Travels Fast

By Gar Anthony Haywood


Kendra Clayton(Teacher)

The Pleasure of His Company

By Angela Henry


Billiemae Waller(Waitress)

The Last Days Murder List

By Alice Holman


Leonard Pine(Vietnam Vet)

Savage Season

Mucho Mojo

By Joe R. Lansdale


Judah Daniel(Healer/Ex-Slave)

Dead March

Angel Trumpet

Civil Blood

Chickahominy Fever

By Ann McMillan


Carol Ann Gibson(Security Expert/Lawyer)

One Must Wait

Where to Choose

The Step Between

Paradise Interrupted

By Penny Mickelbury


Audrey Wilson(Financial Planner)

Taxes, Death and Trouble

Accrual Way to Die

What She Left Behind

By C.M. Miller


Paris Minton(Bookstore Owner)/Fearless Jones(World War II Veteran)

Fearless Jones

Fear Itself

By Walter Mosley


Blanche White(Maid)

Blanche on the Lam

Blanche Among the Talented Tenth

Blanche Cleans Up

Blanche Passes Go

By Barbara Neely


Roxie Bouchie(Prison Psychiatrist)


The Last Blue Plate Special

By Abigail Padgett


Martha Chainey(Mob Courier)

High Hand

Shooter's Point

By Gary Phillips


Wesley Farrell(Nightclub Owner)

Cat Eyed Trouble

Blood Red Skin Deep

Blood to Drink

The Righteous Cut

By Robert Skinner


Jewel Averick(Baseball Wife)

Caught in a Rundown

By Lisa Saxton


Victoria Chase(College Professor)

A Darker Shade of Crimson

Blue Blood

By Pamela Thomas-Graham


Maceo Redfield(Ex-College Baseball Player)

The Dying Ground

By Nichelle D. Tramble


Darryl Billups(Journalist)

Up Jumped the Devil

Hidden in Plain View

Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes

By Blair S. Walker


David McKay(Lawyer)

Harlem Redux

By Persia Walker




Virginia Kelly

In the Game

The Lavender House Mystery

Long Goodbyes

The Ultimate Exit Strategy

By Nikki Baker


Tiger Price

The Weight-Pile Murder

By Erick G. Benson


Mick Hart

All About Mary

Dog 'em

By Lawrence Christopher


Maxine Michaels

The Mockingbirds

By Kenyetta Coner


Eric "E.Z" Elias

Murder In the Rose City

By R. Barri Flowers


Jackie Jones

Deadly Secrets in the Motor City

By R. Barri Flowers


Valentin St. Cyr

Chasing the Devil's Tail

By David Fulmer


Devil Barnett

Blood Red Blues

Dead By Popular Demand

Wrong as Two Left Shoes

By Teddy Hayes


Aaron Gunner

Fear of the Dark

Not Long for this World

You Can Die Trying

When Last Seen Alive

It's Not a Pretty Sight

All the Lucky Ones are Dead

By Gar Anthony Haywood


Nina Halligan

Black Heat

The Big Mango

A Phat Death

By Norman Kelley


Clio Brown

Clio Brown: Private Investigator

By Dolores Komo


Lincoln Keller

Silent Conspiracy

Silent Suspicion

By Lee Meadows


Easy Rawlins

Devil in a Blue Dress

White Butterfly

A Red Death

Black Betty

A Little Yellow Dog

Bad Boy Brawley Brown

Six Easy Pieces

By Walter Mosley


Smoky Dalton

A Dangerous Road

Smoke Filled Rooms

Thin Walls

By Kris Nelscott


Ellis Mason

88 Ways to Die

By Johnnie Mitchell


Derek Strange

Right as Rain

Hell to Pay

Soul Circus

By George P. Pelecanos


Ivan Monk

Violent Spring

Perdition U.S.A

Bad Night is Falling

Only the Wicked

By Gary Phillips


Lew Griffin

The Long Legged Fly


Eye of the Cricket


Ghost of a Flea

By James Sallis


Talba Wallis

82 Desire

Louisiana Hotshot

Louisiana Bigshot

By Julie Smith


Jasmine Myers

No One is Innocent

By Gayle Tiller


Tamara Hayle

When Death Comes Stealing

Devils Gonna Get Him

Where Evil Sleeps

No Hiding Place

Easier to Kill

The Devil Riding

By Valerie Wilson Wesley




M. Gantry

Hoochie Mama

By Preston L. Allen


Monica Sinclair

Degree of Caution

By Sybil Avery Jackson


Angela Bivens

Sympathy for the Devil

A Prayer for Deliverance

By Christopher Chambers


Joe Johnson/Vernon Brown

Postal Blues

By Vincent R. Alexandria


Mary Cunningham

Cookie Cutter

By Sterling Anthony


Pharoah Love

A Queer Kind of Love

A Queer Kind of Umbrella

A Queer Kind of Death

By George Baxt


Marti MacAlister

Keep Still

Slow Burn

Gone Quiet

Dead Time

Done Wrong

Tell No Tales

Scream In Silence

Whispers in the Dark

Windy City Dying

By Eleanor Taylor Bland


Ralph "Rat" Trapp

The White Zone

So Small a Carnival

A Civil Death

A Project Named Desire

By John and Joyce Corrington


Matthew Alexander & Jake Jackson

Hot Stones: Cold Death

By Barbara Fleming


Phillip Patterson

Positive ID

By R. Barri Flowers


Desiree Mitry

The Cold Blue Blood

The Hot Pink Farmhouse

By David Handler


Coffin Ed Johnson and Grave Digger Jones

A Rage In Harlem

Blind Man with a Pistol

Cotton Comes to Harlem

The Real Cool Killers

The Heat's On

By Chester Himes


Larry Cole

Windy City

Chicago Blues

Presumed Dead

Red Lightning

Violent Crimes

Time of the Assassins

The Left Hand of God

The Devil's Shadow

By Hugh Holton


Gianna Maglione

Keeping Secrets

Night Songs

By Penny Mickelbury


Alex Cross

Kiss the Girls

Cat & Mouse

Jack and Jill

Pop Goes the Weasel

Roses are Red

Violets Are Blue

Four Blind Mice

By James Patterson


Starletta Duvall

Do Not Go Gently

Hoodoo Man

Green Money

Reckless Eyeballin

By Judith Smith-Levin


Leigh Ann Warren


Killing Kin

Killer Riches

By Chassie West


Barrett Raines

A Rock and a Hard Place

Dead Man's Bay

Strawman's Hammock

By Darryl Wimberley


Charlotte Justice

Inner City Blues

Stormy Weather

Dirty Laundry

By Paula Woods


Neely Jones

Neely Jones: The Medusa Pool

By MK Wren





Charlie Peace(Police Officer)

Bad Samaritan

The Corpse at the Haworth Tandoori

The Bones in the Attic

By Robert Barnard


Wesley Peterson(Police Detective)

The Merchant House

The Armada Boy

An Unhallowed Grave

The Funeral Boat

By Kate Ellis


Joe Sixsmith(Private Eye)

Born Guilty

Blood Sympathy

Killing the Lawyers

Singing the Sadness

By Reginald Hill


Penny Wanawake(Diplomat's Daughter)

Penny Black

Penny Saving

Penny Post

Penny Dreadful

Penny Wise

Penny Royal

By Susan Moody


Sam Dean(Journalist)

Blood Rights

Point of Darkness

The Late Candidate

An Image to Die For

By Mike Phillips


Lee Mitchell(Barrister)

Without Prejudice

By Nicola Williams




Keeping Secrets. Telling Lies By Florence Anthony

God's Gift to Women By Michael Baisden

Those Bones Are Not My Child By Toni Cade Bambara

Cover to Cover By DM Brown

The Emporer of Ocean Park By Stephen Carter

Pent Up Passion By Hope C. Clark

Shadow Lover By Hope C. Clark

What a Woman's Gotta Do By Evelyn Coleman

The Best Defense By Ellis Cose

The Last Defense By Christopher Darden/Dick Lochte

Maker of Saints By Thulani Davis

Deep Six By Donna M. Dean

Simon Says By Collen Dixon

Keeper of Secrets By John Dunson

Justice Served By R. Barri Flowers

When Night Falls By R. Barri Flowers

Blinking Red Light By Mister Mann Frisby

Is It a Crime By Roy Glenn

The Student Body By Jane Harvard

The Color of Justice By Gary Hardwick

Illegal Affairs By Shelia Harvey

If You Die Before You Wake By E. Hill

Pipe Dream By Solomon Jones

If 6 Were 9 By Jake Lamar

One Dead Preacher By Tony Lindsay

Prayer of Prey By Tony Lindsay

Promises to Keep By Gloria Mallette

Shades of Jade By Gloria Mallette

Thunderland By Brandon Massey

Sin in Soul's Kitchen By Andrew Oyefesobi

Vanity & Voodoo Dolls By Andrew Oyefesobi

Black Deception By Monica Regina Payton

The Perpetrators By Gary Phillips

Bliss By Gabrielle Pina

Until Death Do Us Part By Gregory JT Simpson

Roadrunner By Trisha R. Thomas

Love Has Many Faces By Denise Turney

The Shape Of Snakes By Minette Walters

The Intuitionist By Colson Whitehead

Addicted By Zane