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Here are some great resources for those wanting to research the history, origins, and role of African-Americans in mystery and crime fiction.


The Blues Detective : A Study of African American Detective Fiction
BY Stephen F. Soitos

Crime Fiction, 1800-2000: Detection, Death, Diversity BY Stephen Knight

Diversity and Detective Fiction Edited BY Kathleen Gregory Klein

Donald Writes No More : A Biography of Donald Goines BY Eddie Stone

The Ethnic Detective: Chester Himes BY Peter Freese

Multicultural Detective Fiction: Murder from the Other Side Edited BY Adrienne Johnson Gosselin

Out of the Woodpile: Black Characters in Crime and Detective Fiction
BY Frankie Y. Bailey

Sleuthing Ethnicity: The Detective in Multiethnic Crime Fiction Edited BY Dorothea Fischer-Hornung

Spooks, Spies, and Private Eyes: Black Mystery, Crime and Suspense
Fiction BY Paula Woods

Traces, Codes, and Clues: Reading Race in Crime Fiction BY Maureen

Two Guns from Harlem: The Detective Fiction of Chester Himes BY Robert E. Skinner

ARTICLES(Cut and paste article URL into your browser)

Beyond Shaft by Kevin Burton Smith

The Black Dick: race, sexuality, and discourse in the L.A. novels of Walter Mosley - African American detective novels

The Ethnic Detective Part II
Source: Mystery Reader's Journal, Vol. 14 #3 1998

The Fiction of Black crime: It's No Mystery - African American mystery novelists: includes a reference for source materials

From Talma Gordon to Theresa Galloway: Images of African American Women in mysteries By Patricia A. Turner
Source: Black Scholar; Spring98, Vol. 28 Issue 1, p23, 4p

Power and Knowledge in Walter Mosley's Devil in a Blue Dress - Critical Essay

What's Behind the Boon of Black Mystery Writers?

He is a "bad mother $%@!#\": Shaft and contemporary black masculinity - Perspectives - Critical Essay

Invisible Detection: The Case of Walter Mosley - author - Critical Essay

It's Black, White--And Noir By Malcolm Jones
Source: Newsweek; 6/24/2002, Vol. 139 Issue 25, p86, 2p, 4c

A Brief History of African-American Mysteries

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